Bringing the sustainability framework to life… (The behind the scenes action)


What a day, what a journey…

What am I talking about? The new adidas group sustainability framework video.

The adidas Group approach to Sustainability

If you’ve already browsed through our 2013 sustainability report, you will see that our stories on Sustainability are clustered under the following four pillars:

  • People: We positively influence the lives of our employees, factory workers, as well as those people living in the communities in which we have a business presence.
  • Product: We find better ways to create our products, mainly through efficiencies, increased use of more sustainable materials and innovation.
  • Planet: We reduce the environmental footprint of both our own operations and our suppliers’ factories.
  • Partnerships: We engage with critical stakeholders and collaborate with partners to improve our industry.

Bringing the approach to life – visually.

The question was then raised – How can we spread the word, make this framework easy to understand, fun and exciting? That’s when I involved Silvia and Bill. The three of us began to hatch a plan of bringing the Sustainability framework to life in a very visual way, and this is how the idea of a video came to life.

It wasn’t an easy task though! Just imagine, at the adidas Group, sustainability is integrated into each and every area of the business, therefore representing this was no easy feat. We sat with a team of sustainability experts from Human Resources, our brands, Social and Environmental Affairs, Global Operations, Corporate Properties and Services, Communications – chalked down the script.


After a couple of edits (and re-edits) we finally had a story line that made us smile (I was beaming really, and just about stopped short of doing my happy dance).


Now it was recording time – We got ourselves a nice quiet meeting room (except that you could hear doors slamming somewhere further down along the corridor) and we began the recording session. Adam, the voice of the video, was so good with it that a major animation company came to him the very next day and offered him a contract for their next film (or so he claims).

On the one side the recording was in session, and on the other side, a designer in the US was busy sketching away to bring all the initiatives from pen to paper to screen. US was sketching, Germany was making the noise (voiceover and music) and it all seemed to come together just after Easter.

All in all, a fun project that I really hope that you do enjoy watching, because we sure did enjoy putting it all together.

What’s next?

As Earth Day was celebrated worldwide on the 22nd of April, many adidas Group locations have been celebrating their Earth Days over the last two weeks. Stay tuned for a summary from our locations…

adidas Group30 April 2014