Famous British stage actors and actresses visit the Soviet Union to perform Othello.

C/U of road sign - 'Savile Row'. C/U of a table filled with fabric samples, tilt up to Billie Whitelaw holding a sample against her suit. C/U of Robert Lang having a suit fitted by a tailor. C/U of Lynn Redgrave at tailors. C/U of Colin Blakely trying on a camel coat. These actors are having clothes fitted for their imminent journey.

L/S of actors boarding a 'BEA' aeroplane, press photographers snap away from the runway. Good M/S of actresses, including Lynn R. climbing the steps to the plane. C/U of the 'air steward' (in fact, Sir Laurence Olivier). Various shots of the pilots in the cockpit, Sir Laurence is seen chatting with them. Various shots of the actors and actresses on board the plane.

Various shots of Billie W. on a hydrofoil whizzing down the Moskva river. Good view of the Kremlin. M/S of the domes and towers of the Kremlin. Various shots of Red Square, including three soldiers marching, guards of Lenin's mausoleum.

M/S of entrance to 'Gum', the famous shopping centre. Top shot looking down on network of walkways inside the shopping centre. C/U of two babushkas with headscarves buying fabric. Various shots of women shopping, the shop assistants use abacuses. Various shots of fountain inside the centre. 

L/S of large fountain with gold statues in Economic Achievement Exhibition. Various shots of ornate follies and pavilions in the exhibition. M/S of people looking at a Sputnik exhibited in one pavilion - the narrator implies that the exhibition is part propaganda. M/S of a soldier taking a photograph of a little girl by the fountain, actor John Stride enters with two companions. John and the little girl fool about. Colin Blakely is seen buying bread from a street vendor with John and Robert Lang. 

Various shots of Russians buying trinkets and toys from stalls - narrator points out inferior quality of these goods! M/S of the three actors looking at the Space Race Memorial - tilt up impressive monument. L/S of memorial. Various shots of massive big wheel in the main recreation park ( that according to narrator ; "falls short of London's Battersea Park"). L/S of a wide street lined by vast blocks of flats. Various point of view shots, from a moving car, of modern Moscow - new sky scrapers, impressive university buildings. Various shots of people buying soft drinks from vending machines. Various shots of people using grey telephone boxes.

Various shots of a party of actors and actresses looking around inside the Kremlin. C/U of a guard outside the British Embassy, Sir Laurence Olivier and wife, Lady Olivier, Joan Plowright, are seen arriving for a reception. M/S of Sir L. and wife shaking hands with the ambassador. Various shots of actors chatting under a portrait of the Queen at Embassy party; Sir L. playing the piano, watched by the ambassador. Various shots of the circus, actor Miles Malleson is seen in the audience. C/U of the Circus programme.

C/U of Cyrillic poster advertising Brit production of Othello. Various shots of the Kremlin, dubbed over with dialogue from the play. M/S of Billie Whitelaw and a 'blacked up' Olivier taking a bow on stage.