Rock N Roll Wolf aka Mama - Mommys Home - All Versions - English 1977

Rock'n'Roll Wolf (Romanian: Mama, Russian: Мама, Norwegian: Med Grimm og gru) is a musical film from 1976 and is a Romanian-Soviet-French co-production.

This is a clip from all the different scenes containing the popular "Mom is Home" track throughout the movie. At first we see the goat mother teaching her children the song. The wolf then makes several attempts to get it right so the young goats will open the door for him.

The storyline is loosely based on the famous plot about the Goat and her kids, published as "The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids" in Grimm's Fairy Tales and known to Romanian audience as Ion Creangă's "Capra cu trei iezi" ("The Goat and her three kids") and to Russian audience as a folk tale "Волк и семеро козлят" ("The Wolf and the Seven Kids"). In the movie the number of goat kids is five. The script is written by Vasilica Istrate and Yuri Entin, and Elisabeta Bostan is directing.

The movie was filmed simultaneously in three different languages (Romanian, Russian and English). The cast was formed by dancers from Moscow Circus, Moscow Circus on Ice and Bolshoi Ballet. In 1977 the movie won the «Silver Cup» at Children's Film Festival in Venice.

The film starred Lyudmila Gurchenko as Rada, the goat, Mikhail Boyarsky as Titi Suru, the Wolf, Oleg Popov as the bear, Saveliy Kramarov as the wolf's nephew, George Mihaita as the donkey and Florian Pittiş as the parrot.